Player Development Bridge (ages 7-8)



Day /Time




Gesher Jewish Day School

4800 Mattie Moore Ct., Fairfax
 Saturdays 10:00-11:00am

July 11 - August 22

(7 weeks)


$155 before June 1


St. Luke Catholic School

7005 Georgetown Pike, McLean
 Sundays 6:00-7:00pm

July 12 - August 23

(7 weeks)


$155 before June 1

Your child finished the fun introduction to the game of soccer in our Lil' Boots program and is ready to make the leap into the next level. However, getting to the next level is a gradual process. Exposing young players to activities and skills that are too advanced can be counter-productive to their development and may even result in them quitting the game.

Young players ages 7-8 must go through an intermediate program that focuses on basic individual skills such as ball mastery and 1v1 moves.

Our new Player Development Bridge program is designed to do just that. It is the missing 'Bridge' between our Lil' Boots program and the more advanced Positive Touch Footskills program, and consists of age-appropriate activities that ensure a smooth and confident transition to the next level.

All players will receive a Golden Boot Soccer shirt! It's our way of celebrating our 21st year connecting young players with the beautiful game.