StreetSoccer (ages 7-14)


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(ages 7-14)

 Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm

July 11 - August 22

(7 weeks)

Gesher Jewish Day School

4800 Mattie Moore Ct., Fairfax

Street soccer is in the DNA of all the world's best players -- and so Golden Boot has created a way players to connect with others and play, just as if they were meeting at a neighborhood field. These "organized pickup" situations are vital for developing originality, imagination, creativity, craftiness, problem-solving, and unique styles of play. Our new StreetSoccer camp is a celebration of free play in a fun, non-competitive environment.

  • A variety of pickup-style games
  • Different size teams: from 1 vs. 1 to 7 vs. 7
  • Different size fields, goals, and balls
  • Panna games
  • Freestyle tricks, and moves

 All players will receive a Golden Boot Soccer t-shirt! It's our way of celebrating our 20th anniversary season in 2018.