Street Soccer (Ages 8-14)

Bringing out your imagination and creativity in the free flowing game of street soccer...


Street Soccer is played worldwide by players of all ages and skill levels.  No rules, no pressure, just fun, nutmegs, rainbows, baits, trickery and a positive environment to see just how far your player can take their game. Street soccer uses creativity and a bit of deceit for dribbling and taking on opponents.  It allows players to find their unique style and creative way of solving problems and being successful on the field. This game is part of the culture and tradition of the countries viewed as developing the greatest players in the sport.  Make this part of the tradition for your child and allow some of their fondest youth soccer memories to come from moments they share on the field with other players.


Welcome to Golden Boot's Street Soccer.

Games will include:

§  * Pana / the nutmeg game

§  * Tricks/freestyle

§  * One vs. One games using different size balls

§  * Small sided games using different size goals (pugs goals, futsal goals, etc.)

§  * Round-Robin Futsal games