High School Prep

Are you looking to outshine all of your competition at High School soccer tryouts?Undoubtedly, high school tryouts are always a high pressure situation.  With preparation, you can take all of the pressure off your shoulders, and go into your tryouts confident, focused, and prepared.  Through repetition and hardwork, Golden Boot Soccer’s high school prep program is designed to give every player the work ethic and technical ability required to perform to the best of their ability at the high school level.

Golden Boot will help your athlete: 

  • Be in peak shape entering the upcoming high school season.  (Coaches do not take players that are out of shape seriously. Being “fit” is half the battle for a good tryout.)
  • Improve and/or refine your technical skills. (Whether dribbling, passing, or shooting, our aim is to help every player perform as good or better than their competition.)
  • Stand out to impress the coaches. (Coaches are always looking for that “diamond in the rough.” Whether it’s scoring goals, making great passes, or being a standout defender, all can contribute to a great tryout.)

High School Prep is designed to allow your child to refine all of the technical skills (dribbling, passing, and shooting) that are needed to play at the high school level.  Also, players will go through rigorous conditioning (agility, speed, and endurance) to get them into peak shape entering their tryout.