Goalkeeper Training (Ages 8-18)

Keepers grouped by age, then skill.

The last line of defense and the first step to an effective attack, Goalkeepers must possess and improve a separate set of technical, mental, and physical skills than the field player.  If players don’t receive this kind of focus and attention during their regular practices, it’s even more important to obtain quality training independently.  During our training program, players learn through instructional demos, technical activities, footwork and other dynamic exercises. 

Our Goalkeeper Training Program focuses on cultivating the technical, mental and physical skills necessary to become a top-notch goalkeeper. The program concentrates on technique, strategy and leadership skills. Players learn through instructional demonstrations, technical training, footwork training and drills. They also have an opportunity to apply the skills and concepts learned in game-like situations. It enables players to make smart and quick decisions and to better communicate with their defense.

* High balls & Breakaways * Hand / Eye Coordination * Reflexes & Flexibility * Shot-Stopping * Diving Techniques * Punting & Throwing * Footwork * Positioning