GK- Reaction

Cognitive Training for Goalies focusing on Reaction Time

GK-Reaction is just one of a line-up of Golden Boot Soccer's new cognitive athletic training programs.  A goalies ability to divide their visual attention and track multiple objects is a skill and a requirement for elite athletes.  The better a goalie can track multiple quick and complicated movements simultaneously, the lower their reaction will become and the faster their decision making.

GK-Reaction is a unique training program that focuses primarily on helping players improve reaction time by teaching keepers to execute complex movements while increasing their perceptual-cognitive abilities with vision perception training.  This is accomplished in drill or game style scenarios with an added cognitive challenge.

In a sport where split second timing can make all the difference, exceptional visual skills are a must.  Because of this, cognitive training for enhanced visual processing is the key factor that allows good athletes to become exceptional.

If you could train yourself to react and make decisions faster, why wouldn't you?