Cogno-Motoric (Ages 11 and up)

Travel players 6:00-7:00pm & Recreational players 7:00-8:00pm

Agility and coordination are the foundation of success in soccer.  Motoric Coordination from Golden Boot Soccer provides targeted training designed for learning, controlling and executing movements related to the game. Players develop the ability to learn and execute new techniques quickly, and adjust those techniques in an instant, allowing players to easily control their movements when they have to react quickly, under pressure from an opponent, or in tight situations.

Motoric Coordination from Golden Boot Soccer includes motor skills and coordination exercises with the soccer ball and other agility tools to create a motor system overload, allowing the young players nervous system to adjust and adapt to challenging environments. Our Motoric Coordination program is one part of an overall training program that includes Cogno-Technical Development for quick reactions and decision making as well as individual focus on advanced technical aspects of the game. These  programs combined have been carefully designed to develop the all-around soccer athlete with a noticeable advantage in skill, reaction time, decision making and execution.