CognoSoccer (Ages 11-13)

Soccer is a thinking sport, so it is crucial for the advanced player to develop their brain as well as their body. CognoSoccer is a cognitive coaching technique that adds "thinking skills" to the traditional emphasis on technical skills and physical fitness. By constantly presenting different complex activities and forcing players to multitask in ways that are new to them, we engage the brain and enable it to build new neural pathways, rather than allowing it to "rest" during physical training because it thinks it knows the answers already.

Constantly challenging the brain makes use of its plasticity. This allows players to develop technical skills & and agility while also developing high levels of perception, peripheral sight, and split vision to allow a player to continuously execute game time actions at very high speed.The result is in-game decision making can keep up with the pace of the game -- or even see options that are several moves ahead.


  • Improved multitasking capability
  • Comfort in overload situations
  • Increased field awareness
  • Faster processing of visual cues
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • Improved "speed of thought"
  • More intelligent decision making
  • Faster internal clock

All players will receive a Golden Boot Soccer shirt! It's our way of celebrating our 20th anniversary season in 2018.







Gesher Jewish Day School

4800 Mattie Moore Ct.


6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

April 9 - May 21


Combine with StreetSoccer at 7:00 and save $60!