StreetSoccer (ages 9-14)

Let the Game Be the Teacher


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(ages 9-14)

Tuesdays & Fridays 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Play one or both days each week!

April 9 - May 31

(8 weeks)

Gesher Jewish Day School

4800 Mattie Moore Ct., Fairfax
Register your player for our popular StreetSoccer program to give them a chance to develop skills, foster creativity, improve soccer IQ, and embrace the pure joy of soccer. Our "pickup with a purpose" program is more than just a regular group to play with. We put players in a variety of scenarios using different-sized teams, fields, goals, and even balls. Our trainers facilitate and mentor each session, empowering players to experiment in a low-stakes environment.

 All players will receive a Golden Boot Soccer t-shirt! It's our way of celebrating our 21st year connecting young players with this beautiful game.