Golden Boot Winter Soccer Programs

Training during the winter months is crucial for the development of youth soccer players. Players can use the off season to work on their individual skills and their tactical understanding of the game. Golden Boot offers a variety of soccer training programs over the winter. Each program is unique and covers specific concepts and skills. The programs give players an opportunity to refine existing skills and learn new ones in a warm and productive environment. We believe that our specially designed programs will give your son/daughter a competitive edge!

The Golden Boot Award is the most prestigious goal scoring award. Although we cannot promise that our participants will all be recipients of the Golden Boot Award, we can ensure that they will improve their offensive skills and their ability to score goals. The Art of Scoring Goals focuses on finishing and striking techniques and on how to create scoring opportunities. Players learn how to think as goal scorers and make smart decisions under pressure. The program teaches players individual offensive skills and how to play a significant role in their teams’ offensive play. Players apply the concepts learned in offensive games and exercises including scrimmages and mini tournaments. 

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7 weekly clinics run by college & professional coaches!

This innovative program consists of 7 weekly clinics run by nationally known soccer experts with extensive professional and/or college experience. Every week, a different clinician will run a training session using their own training methods, which are based on their unique coaching philosophy. The program is suitable for advanced WAGS & NCSL players who are interested in playing in a highly competitive level. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be trained by some of the top soccer experts in America

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Our Goalkeeper Training Program focuses on cultivating the technical, mental and physical skills necessary to become a top-notch goalkeeper. The program concentrates on technique, strategy and leadership skills. Players learn through instructional demonstrations, technical training, footwork training and drills. They also have an opportunity to apply the skills and concepts learned in game-like situations. It enables players to make smart and quick decisions and to better communicate with their defense.

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The Lil Boots program is specially designed for your little one!  It provides a great introduction to the basic fundamentals of the game and just as importantly, team play. It allows children ages 3-6 to develop their physical, mental and social skills in a non-competitive environment. The trainers are chosen based on their personality and their ability to work with very young players.

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Laugh. Kick. Play.

The Lil' Boots League offers the best of both worlds; professional know-how demonstrated through carefully selected developmental activities and the opportunity to allow the game to be the ultimate teacher.  With no-score kept, the focus is on individual development, confidence building, and allowing each child the opportunity to come into their own as young players. 



"Street Soccer" style games with professional trainers

Play with the Pros is a program that encompasses "Street Soccer" where youth players play pickup style soccer with our professional trainers. The trainers don't function as coaches but as mentors to the players in a game situation. Players receive hands on experience by playing with high caliber trainers and by observing them in action. Street Soccer promotes originality, imagination and builds self confidence for each player as they develop their own style of play. In addition to the free play on the field, players will get to practice their moves, learn some from others and create their own.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this innovative program where we let the game be the teacher! 


The Player Development Training Program is designed for players who are interested in developing their individual skills and technical ability. The program gives players an opportunity to refine existing skills and to learn new ones. In addition to technical training, the program focuses on tactical understanding of the game, soccer intelligence and decision making under pressure. Players learn through close interaction with professional trainers, instructional demonstrations, technical training, skill contests, drills and footwork training. Scrimmages and small side games give players an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in a creative setting.

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The Program Can Be Held At Golden Boot's Facilities Or At A Facility Of Your Choice

To help teams develop fully, it is crucial for them to have continuity, as well as quality in their training year round. This winter we are introducing a new and comprehensive training program for teams only. 

The program can be run at one of our existing locations or at a facility of your choice. Please contact us for a customized proposal.

Total Team Training is a comprehensive program that will give your team a competitive edge!

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Celebrating 15 Years!

  • Cutting edge curriculum and modern training methods
  • Technical, tactical, physical and mental training
  • Our programs consist of 7-14 hours of training
  • High School groups are available
  • Advanced, intermediate and beginner groups
  • Individuals and Teams are welcome
  • Please bring a soccer ball, shin guards and indoor shoes or sneakers
  • Register and pay online or mail in a check
  • Discounts, coupons and scholarships are available.

Professional Soccer Trainers & Coaches Now Available!

Golden Boot Soccer has been training and coaching youth teams for the past 15 years. We have extensive experience in developing individual players and travel teams of all ages and levels. 

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