Golden Boot summer camps are designed for players in all ages and level of play. Whether your child is taking their first steps on a soccer field, is a recreational player who wants to improve technical skills or an advanced player interested in taking their game to the next level, we have the camp for you!

This summer, we are offering a variety of camps including our traditional Player Development camps, Specialty camps, LiL Boots camps, Team camps and our renowned AC Milan camp.

We look forward to seeing you on the field!

At Golden Boot Soccer’s ALL GIRLS camp, female players get the opportunity to couple high quality training with a strong female presence.  Led by our top female trainers, young girls can not only relate and respond more easily to these role models, but take instruction from trainers who know what it takes to be a top female athlete.   This camp provides a supportive and challenging environment for girls without compromising the quality of training.  The camps curriculum is based on our comprehensive Player Development Training Program. 
  •  Sessions are run by all-female trainers
  • Player Development Training Plan
  • Special Presentations & Team Building 


The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. Hundreds of millions follow the prestigious tournament, which is held once every four years. This summer we decided to celebrate the World Cup, which will be held in Brazil, in a unique way. We are offering our first World Cup summer camp. The camp will include technical training activities but will mainly consist of a World Cup – Style tournament. Players will be divided to teams based on the country of their choice and compete to win the big trophy. During the week, players will learn about the world cup and experience the passion and excitement around the big tournament!


Golden Boot Soccer and AC Milan, one of the most storied soccer clubs in the world, are excited to bring the unique AC Milan Junior Camp to the Washington DC metro area. The camp’s curriculum was exclusively designed by AC Milan coaching staff. AC Milan staff together with Golden Boot trainers will run the camp which focuses on technical skills and small sided games. AC Milan Junior Camps promote respect, discipline and pride through training and the enjoyment of soccer.



The last line of defense and the first step to an effective attack, Goalkeepers must possess and improve a separate set of technical, mental, and physical skills than the field player.  If players don’t receive this kind of focus and attention during their regular practices, it’s even more important to obtain quality training in the summer months.

Through our GK summer camp, players learn through instructional demos, technical activities, footwork and other dynamic exercises.   It’s important  for young players to learn proper technique, and our Professional GK Trainers know how to implement healthy technical habits. 

Even better - coupled with our Art of Scoring Goals program, players get the opportunity to face game-like situations and apply the learned concepts throughout the week.  Above all, this program teaches young GK’s to make smart and quick decisions and how to be a communicating leader on the field.  


AGES 3-6 - 9:30AM-11:00AM

Laugh. Kick. Play.

Golden Boot Soccer's Lil' Boots programs have created positive experiences for young players for over 15 years with more than 1000 kids going through our programs annually. Lil' Boots is the perfect introduction for children ages 3-6 to the wonderful game. It is a specially designed program that initiates a positive experience for young players to learn the basic fundamental skills of the game and the concept of team play. The program builds self esteem, confidence, and promotes sportsmanship and fair play all while developing a child’s coordination, physical, mental and social skills in a non- competitive environment.


9:00AM-4:00PM $250

The first step to becoming a complete soccer player is a solid technical base, especially between the ages of 7-14.  This window in any young player’s development is by far the most crucial – and for this reason alone requires very specifically designed training.  Players learn through close interaction with professional trainers, instructional demos, footwork training and dynamic activities proven to create healthy soccer habits.  Players are then required to perform these concepts in game-like situations – providing a solid foundation to allow each player to be the best they can be.


9:00AM - 12:00PM

While we can’t guarantee anyone will win the real Golden Boot Award, we can help our participants improve their offensive skills and learn what it takes to be a true goal-scorer.  ASG breaks down goal-scoring into 3 arts: striking, finishing, and creating opportunities to score.  Players are challenged to develop individual offensive skills and stimulated to find their hunger for the goal.    Through concepts learned in dynamic activities and exercises, players are encouraged make smart decisions in the offensive third and find their niche as goal-scorers.


Speed, Agility & Footskills

Keep up with the competition! Performance Training is a comprehensive training program combining technical soccer skills with speed and agility. Why spend time training solely on your fitness when you can better use that time with a ball at your feet? Golden Boot gives young players a better look at what it takes to be at the top of their game, both as a technical soccer player and as an overall athlete.

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Golden Boot Soccer has been training and coaching youth teams for the past 15 years. We have extensive experience in developing individual players and travel teams of all ages and levels. 

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